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eLegal Consultants is a full-service online law firm merging professional expertise, in-depth knowledge and numerous years of experience to ensure our clients have access to the best legal solution that is proficient and cost-effective.

From ready-made contract templates to creative write-ups, we are your first choice online and offline Legal Partners.

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Company Incorporation Services

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Consulting, mediation, & legal representation

Do you need an Innovative, online legal practice with a vision to surmount the expensive, slow, and burdensome aspects of legal services?

Our charges are just a fraction of the price of many high-street law firms. Still, we work with Law Firms in different Countries; hence you can rest assured that you are well covered.

Get professionally drafed legal documents

Do you need professional expertise with drafting your Agreement or a Contract Review with a comprehensive Legal Opinion?

Why pay extra for a contract draft, review and/or opinion when you can get all at the best competitive price.